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How to transform a traditional IT management model to an IT service management model in 3 steps

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

1. Due Diligence (DD): Do an assessment of the present IT service support environment and an analysis of the business context for the move to Managed Services.

The assessment will have as results a GAP analysis and a detailed corrective plan to be discussed and agreed.

The corrective plan will be the support plan for the next step - Managed Service model Implementation – and to define the operational framework detail scope and structure - an Enterprise process framework that establishes a common language for the activities related to managing and delivering services.

2. Managed Service Model Implementation: The operational framework fulfilment and the processes implementation as need.

The corrective actions identified - on existing activities or by the need of design new ones – will allow a smooth move from the continuous model approach to a managed services model approach.

The operational framework document is complete fulfilled during this step.

3. Acceptance of the Managed Service Model: A service quality review

The check and eventual corrections to be made to achieve the service quality targets and deliverables expected and agreed.

Is also on this step that the new strategical improvements are identified to trigger the start of a new improvement cycle, however, the Managed Services Model is on live.

IT service management model in 3 steps, by Simao Almeida
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