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List of active TIPA Lead Assessors

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA®) is a methodological framework for process assessment. Its first version was published in 2003 by the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor based in Luxembourg. TIPA is now a registered trademark of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). TIPA offers a structured approach to determine process capability compared to recognized best practices. TIPA also supports process improvement by providing a gap analysis and proposing improvement recommendations.

I'm very happy to be featured in the list of active TIPA Lead Assessors for ITIL.  We are only 57 in the world and 36 in Europe! This is a huge responsibility.

Here you have the list of active TIPA Lead Assessors. 

The list should contain all TIPA Lead Assessors, that:

-> passed the TIPA Lead Assessor exam,

-> have an active Professional Membership 

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