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Sneak Peek to Service Transition

In the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to manage and to work with teams composed by IT Technicians, IT Architects, IT Service Support Functional and Processes Roles.

We implemented projects regarding Informations Systems, IT Service Transformations and Service Improvements and it was important and relevant to use ITIL framework and Project Management Methodologies.

In the past two years we have been working in Luxembourg, in a huge and important project on the Compliance Service Management unit, and we develop this video to address the Transition phase of ITIL, knowing that reality is not always that simple or linear.

Sometimes and during the negotiation and adjudication of a project, deadlines and resources are reduced. Sometimes the lack of balance between sales and implementers, often not having a partnership between project management and service deployment, affects service quality and leads to poor performance in some critical processes:

The lack of balance between sales and implementers, usually not having a partnership between project management and service deployment, impacts the service quality and leads to a poor performance of some critical processes:

  • Change Evaluation: due to political priorities or financial constraints the acceptance criteria’s are inaccurately defined, or to vague or are even not present; and the change evaluation personnel do not have sufficient experience neither organizational authority to influence change authorities

  • Service Validation and Testing: is common to have a Service Delivery Package (SDP) too generic or non-existent; is also common to have an ambiguous, subjective or even non-existent Service acceptance Criteria (SAC).

  • Knowledge management: Usually is forgotten during the transition

How can we overcome this? With policies, mandatory activities and mandatory deliverables for the critical processes and deliverables identified above?

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