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TOP 6 Critical service support Processes


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a good practice framework for managing IT services and includes a variety of processes and best practices and the most critical processes may vary by organisation and its specific needs.

Some examples of processes that can be considered critical in several organisations are:

- Incident Management: Critical to ensuring that IT services are restored as quickly as possible when outages occur. Incident management involves logging, classifying, investigating and resolving IT service outages.

- Change Management: This process is critical to ensuring that all changes to IT services are managed in a controlled and effective way. Change management involves recording, assessing, planning, approving and implementing changes to IT services.

- Problem Management: Critical to identifying and resolving recurring issues or underlying issues that cause IT service degradation and interruptions. Issue management involves identifying, recording, classifying, investigating, and resolving issues.

- Configuration Management: Critical to managing the inventory and configurations of all IT infrastructure components in the organisation. Configuration management involves the recording, classification, and versioning of IT configuration items.

- Service Request Management: Service request management is the process of handling and fulfilling service requests from users. This process involves managing user requests for new services, changes to existing services, and requests for information or support.

- Service Level Management: This process is critical to ensuring that IT services meet service level requirements agreed upon with end users. Service Level Management involves defining, monitoring and reporting agreed service levels.

These are just a few examples of critical processes in an organisation, and the list can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the organisation.


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